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Local: 972-289-9696
Toll Free: 1-866-884-TTAC(8822)
Fax: 972-288-8486


Corporate Headquarters: 1633 S. Peachtree Rd., Dallas, Texas 75180

Director of Operations
Mike Morton, ext. 4103

Director of Product Development
Richard Cox, ext. 4117

Director of Sales
Scott Landreth, ext 4135

Inside Sales Team Leader
Nathan McCrary, ext. 4104
Direct Line: 469-917-4104

Inside Sales Team 
Wayne Malone, ext. 4107
Direct Line: 469-917-4107

Arthur Barajas, ext 4108
Direct Line: 469-917-4108

Kay Fitzgerald, ext. 4105

JeAnnie Johnson, ext 4101

Kim Ramirez, ext. 4106

Distribution Manager
Sam Melamed, ext. 4110